Evaluating the Consultation and Education Department Research Paper

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Evaluating the Consultation and Education Department Research Paper
Heather Sanchez
University of Phoenix
June 17, 2011

The Greenby Mental Health Center funding has been cut back. The cut back in funding has caused the organization to look at possibly doing away with their consultation and education department. This paper will describe at least one process evaluation measure and at least one outcome evaluation measure that could be suggested for the Consultation and Education Department at Greenby Community Mental Health Center to display the program effectiveness and efficiency. The paper will also explain the scope and purpose of the chosen process evaluation and outcome evaluation measures and how they influence the design.
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The number of clients served, books published, etc., very often indicates nothing at all about the actual impacts/benefits/changes in your clients who went through the program -- the number of clients served merely indicates the numerical number of clients who went through your program. * Outcomes –
These are actual impacts/benefits/changes for participants during or after your program
-- for example, for a smoking cessation program, an outcome might be "participants quit smoking" (notice that this outcome is quite different than outputs, such as the "number of clients who went through the cessation program")
-- These changes, or outcomes, are usually expressed in terms of:
-- -- knowledge and skills (these are often considered to be rather short-term outcomes)
-- -- behaviors (these are often considered to be rather intermediate-term outcomes)
-- -- values, conditions and status (these are often considered to be rather long-term outcomes) * Outcome targets –
These are the number and percent of participants that you want to achieve the outcome, for example, an outcome goal of 5,000 teens (10% of teens in Indianapolis) who quit smoking over the next year * Outcome indicators –
These are observable and measurable “milestones” toward an outcome target. These are what you'd see, hear, read, etc., that would indicate to you whether you're making any progress toward your outcome target or


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