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Candy’s Dilemma This ethics case focuses on a non-partner manager for a CPA firm who decides to leave the firm to work in the private industry. The manager’s name is Candy Bookit and the CPA firm she was working for is Ima, Sharp and Crooke. The case begins with Candy deciding to leave the CPA firm to accept a controllership position with Artifice Company, a company who was a client of her CPA firm. Artifice Company was a holding company for a group of family-owned corporations that were all heavily involved in government projects. The company consists of a series of more than twenty businesses owned in whole or part by the Addams family. While with the CPA firm, Candy was involved with the business consulting end of the relationship in …show more content…

This issue is significantly difficult for Candy because she is unable to get a detailed explanation from any of her managers and leads her to question the company’s motives behind the treatment of these transactions. This ethical issue eventually led Candy to investigate further into her new company’s procedures and speak with her managers to find out the reasoning behind the treatment of these consulting fees. When Candy began to investigate these issues, she uncovered a number of other ethical issues which stemmed from the treatment of the consulting fees. As Candy spoke to her managers above her, she began to notice a concerning “tone at the top.” Each manager that Candy spoke to seemed to brush off the issue and told Candy that these transactions were “typical for government contracts” and that this had been done in the past. This attitude by management shows that the company does not value the integrity of the financial statements and is willing to risk a possible tax audit or loss of government contract in order to increase the appearance of their company’s standing. Two smaller ethical issues faced by Candy are that her manager Morticia stated that she would be able to use her political power to “handle the situation” if the government agency ever had


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