Ethical Frameworks

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Ethical Frameworks Practice Health care professionals are subject to a multitude of professional, legal, and ethical responsibilities which call for personal judgment to be utilized in such a manner as to protect clients as well as public wellness and interests. Overall considerations in handling such duties may be considered to be respect of a client’s autonomy, confidence, and recognition of obligations owed to all clients. While the aforementioned acts fall within the professional realm, there are also legal implications that guide care. Therefore, it can be said that ethical considerations occur in observation of legal responsibilities. Confidential information is perceived as private facts which are disclosed with the …show more content…

Rather than use Andrea as an example, anonymity should have been exercised with no mention of specific people, locations or times. In opening a dialogue with the school regarding the spread of HPV through the student population, the schools attention to the topic may give Andrea reason to be worried or upset that her privacy would be violated in a public forum. Assurances should be made to Andrea, that her name would not be offered up, nor would her personal issues be made known. Another method would be to consult an ethics committee regarding the tactic and handling of preserving the teens privacy while balancing the obligation to public health and interest. Ideas can be expanded on and implemented due to the very nature of the multi-disciplinary approach afforded by the ethics committee (Allison & Ewens, 1998). Involvement of the hospital social worker may benefit the cause as they may have established relationships with school officials. Thereby providing a transition of productive discussions and options, in to applied nursing interventions such as working with the school nurse and health teachers to establish effective plans in student education. Not only is insightful dialogue provided within the ethics committee, but recommendations can lead to the goal of positive patient outcomes. It is for each individual nurses to decide if the specific situation


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