Discovery Essay on "Away" Michael Gow

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“To discover is to gain sight or knowledge of something.” How have ideas about discovery been shown in Away and The Book Thief Discovery allows main characters to gain sight or knowledge into themselves and others. This is evident in Michael Gow’s Away, as seen through the characters of Gwen, Coral and Tom. The three gain sight and knowledge into their lives through the different perceptions and ideas of discovery. Similarly, in The Book Thief, Liesel gains sight and knowledge into the world around her, with the help of books which allow her to become educated about the immoral acts that are …show more content…

The garish, artificial light from the opening scene is contrasted by nature. Through the Shakespearean allusion of King Lear Tom’s discovery becomes apparent as he comes to terms with his own death as he reads “unburden’d crawl toward death”. Tom has reconnected with nature and now has a fresh understanding and knowledge of his condition and can die an unburdened death.

In a similar way, in The Book Thief allows the main characters to discover knowledge and insight.
Liesel Meminger undergoes a discovery with the assistance of books and her foster father, Hans. When Leisel moves in with her new parents, Rosa and Hans, she does not know how to read or write. She is humiliated in front of her peers when they make fun of her for being illiterate and chant to her saying “dummkopf" which means fool in German. The dialogue shows that Liesel is in need of a discovery of how to read.

On the celebration of Hitler’s Birthday, Liesel steals a book from the bonfire. The prop of the book, The Invisible Man by H.G Wells allows Liesel to educate herself in how to read. As a result of this, she discovers that she does not agree with Hitler’s ways and propaganda.

World War ll is occurring in the world, and Hitler is in power. This is evident through the prop of the swastikas on the Nazi flag, on each house. This prop establishes the setting of the movie. Throughout the movie, Liesel undergoes a discovery of sight and knowledge when she realizes that the extermination