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1. As the degrees of freedom increase, the t distribution approaches the b. normal distribution 2. If the margin of error in an interval estimate of μ is 4.6, the interval estimate equals b. [pic] 3. The t distribution is a family of similar probability distributions, with each individual distribution depending on a parameter known as the c. degrees of freedom 4. The probability that the interval estimation procedure will generate an interval that does not contain the actual value of the population parameter being estimated is the a. level of significance 5. To compute the minimum sample size for an interval estimate of μ, we must first determine all of the following except …show more content…

the sample standard deviation and t distribution can be used
41. Whenever the population standard deviation is unknown, which distribution is used in developing an interval estimate for a population mean? d. t distribution
42. The t distribution should be used wheneve b. the sample standard deviation is used to estimate the population standard deviation
43. Whenever using the t distribution in interval estimation, we must assume that the b. degrees of freedom equals n − 1
44. From a population that is normally distributed with an unknown standard deviation, a sample of 25 elements is selected. For the interval estimation of (, the proper distribution to use is the d. t distribution with 24 degrees of freedom
45. From a population that is not normally distributed and whose standard deviation is not known, a sample of 50 items is selected to develop an interval estimate for (. Which of the following statements is true? c. The t distribution with 49 degrees of freedom must be used.
46. As the number of degrees of freedom for a t distribution increases, the difference between the t distribution and the standard normal distribution b. becomes smaller
47. The t value with a 95% confidence and 24 degrees of freedom is b. 2.064
48. A sample of 26 elements from a normally distributed population is selected. The sample mean is 10