Fiorello Laguardia

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Fiorello LaGuardia was born on December 11th 1882 to immigrants of Italian and Jewish ancestry in New York. He served as the mayor of New York City from 1945-1945. He is considered to be one of the mayors who redefined New York City politics. Fiorello had a very long career in politics before serving as mayor. After graduating New York University law school in 1910, LaGuardia practiced law and was appointed Deputy Attorney General. He also served many terms in Congress as a republican. LaGuardia lost his first try at the Mayor's race to Jimmy Walker in 1929, but was successful on his second try in 1933. LaGuardia expressed his interest in the Mayoral running after he lost his final term in Congress, November 1932. On November …show more content…

During this time he met one of his greatest allies. His name was A.A. Berle Jr. Mr. Berle constantly had meetings with LaGuardia and spoke of his ambitions. Berle opened many doors for him. During his speeches LaGuardia oftentimes attached the Fusion Party and tried to solicit endorsement from the Republican Party. They declined many times publicly. However, privately they agreed with LaGuardia and wanted him to be on their ticket. They could not admit this publicly at the time since it would have forced many financial supporters to withdraw from the Republican Party since they were strongly against LaGuardia. LaGuardia constantly went back and forth between the Republican Party and the Fusion Party, trying to solicit support from either side. After realizing that the Republican Party support was nearly completely out of reach, he spent more of his time soliciting from the Fusion Party. They tried to ignore him at all costs. The Fusion Party thought he was too "crude", "hard spoken", and had a "harsh demeanor". The Fusion Party would meet almost weekly to conference and discuss possible candidates. During one particular meeting which took place the third week of July, the party lined up about ten or eleven men they deemed possible candidates to run. LaGuardia's name was not in this batch. Ironically, all of these men declined the candidacy for one reason or another. LaGuardia was always trying to meet with


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