Educational Autobiography

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Miguel Huerta
Period 1
September 8, 2010

Educational Autobiography A lot of people think education is just something you get in school, but in reality education comes from different places and people not just school and teachers. For example, way before I started school I was already being educated by my parents, they taught me how to eat, behave, use the bathroom, talk, and a lot of other things that help out in life. I started my educational career in John F. Kennedy Elementary. I don’t really remember my years there because I only went there for Kindergarten and 1st grade. After that, I went to Sepulveda Elementary. That was a learning experience because I had to basically be on my own for a couple of days since I was the new
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Another example that I learned is from Caesar Chavez. He really influenced me because I was reading about him and I said he never finished high school. He changed my perspective of life because when I read that it made me want to finish high school because if someone that didn’t finish high school can achieve great things and change all of society, it made me imagine what I can do with an education. He showed that even if you don’t get an education, you shouldn’t let that stop you from having dreams and goals because you can have the best education in the world but if you do nothing with it it’s just a waste. Then my junior year came. My junior year was the year that I actually matured, not only with education but as a man because that was what I was becoming I was no longer the little 9th grade I once was. My year started off great but my grades took a plunge down the toilet and it was not good. It was so bad that I even became ineligible to play sports which really made me feel bad. And the worst part was that my teammates were mad and they had the right to be because I let them down and that’s part of being a man taking responsibility for your actions. My girlfriend Manasha


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