Hilary Clinton's Lifespan and Personality

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Hillary Clinton’s Lifespan Development and Personality PSY 300 Spring, 2012

Hillary Rodham Clinton’s Lifespan Development and Personality United States Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton was born in Chicago, Illinois, on October 26, 1947. She is the daughter of Hugh and Dorothy Rodham and is the older of two brothers. She was raised
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The environment in which Hillary Clinton was raised appears to be one where there was huge emphasis on education and success. This was apparent during her early childhood, in the way that she had the advantage of growing up in a household with two parents who were supportive and loving role models. As she grew through adolescence, she seemed to gravitate toward a peer group that had the same interests and drive to succeed as she. This becomes obvious in the way that she put herself into high achieving roles from a young age. An example is that she became a senior class president. This event can lead one to believe that she surrounded herself with peers that had many of the same aspirations. Hillary also attended some of the best schools in the country and had access to excellent education. These factors combined most likely could have shaped Hillary into the person she is today, a confident, assertive, and driven woman. Hillary Clinton has given her mother a tremendous amount of credit for her developmental growth and adjustment. Another person who has been a big support for her continuous growth is her husband. Social support systems that most likely have played a role are her church, educational institutions, and organizations in which she has belonged. The personal mentors that she has had, throughout her life, have also been instrumental in her achievements. It