Retailer Branded Products

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1. Introduction
In the 21 century, thanks to the developments of technology and economy, world retail receives a new opportunity for developing. To understand and predict the situation and developments of world retail industry in 21 century, firstly, this report will evaluate the major situation of retail within the first decade of 21 century by evaluating the development of retailers branded products; then, the article will predict the future changes of retail industry.

2 .Development of retailer branded products
The development of retailer branded products can be evaluated from three aspects: the reasons for retailers to develop it; the achievements over last ten years; the changes of relationship between manufactures and
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The retailers get more control on the products such as types, prices, and quality, because retailers could decide what kind of products that they need. The retailer also can get control on is shelf space. Traditionally, the manufacturers have high requirements on shelf space which make troubles for retailers. However, when the retailer has more its own branded products, it could decide the shelf space without the pressures of manufacturers. (Mullenders, 2008). Furthermore, retailers could get more other benefits such as store image, customer loyalty and efficiency channel.

Manufacturers also can get more benefits through producing retailers branded products. For some small businesses, producing retailers branded products is the major income origin (Mullenders, 2008). For some powerful manufacturers, first, it increases incomes of firms. Producing retailers branded products can use the excess productive powers so that increase the utilization rate of the resources and increase the productivity. Additionally, producing retailer branded products can help the company reduce the cost of R&D. Retailers have better understanding about the trends of market and requirements of customers because they contact with all customers directly. Therefore, retailers branded products are more suitable for the customers, and satisfy their requirements better. The manufactures could just create and develop their other products based on retailers


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