Progressive V. Flat Tax

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Progressive Tax vs. Flat Tax

The United States economy, as known by all, is not in its best shape. One way in which the government gains money is by imposing taxes on people. There are many taxes that are placed on different things that everyone needs or already has. The United States uses a taxation system which is criticized by many. The system used in Progressive Tax; however, many people believe the system of Flat Tax, or Proportional Tax, should be the system that is used for taxing. In a Progressive Tax system, a larger percentage of income is taken from those who are wealthy or have a large annual income, in taxes. Those who have low incomes do not have as high tax percentage to pay because progressive tax is based on
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However, taking some aspects from the Flat Tax system, I would make the filing of taxes an easier process so there would be less confusion and mistakes. Also from Flat Tax, I would use the elements used to eliminate the use of existing schemes to avoid paying the maximum amount in taxes. A tax system that combines elements from both a Progressive and Flat Tax system would be the system I would use; however, if I had the choice I wouldn't use either one the way they are working as of now. The United States follows the system of Progressive Tax for our nation's taxing policy. There are some who don't believe we should be following the Progressive Tax system, but the Flat Tax system. Both systems have their flaws as well as their advantages. In a Progressive Tax system, the more you make, the more you pay in taxes. In a Flat Tax system there are less ways to get around paying taxes. Just like any system, both taxing systems work, not perfectly, but they do work; and everyone's opinions on these two systems differ due to their own financial stability or


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