Sociology and Life

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(What my life is –what I make of it with the help of Biological and a Sociological Mix – A slice of my of life)

Author: Nancy Gutierrez
Written for my Sociology Class Culture and Society
Instructor: Joan McGowan

My family traditions and values have influenced my biological and cultural views and values. My life and career goals bear resemblance with my parents ' life and expectations influenced by class and culture. Yet have been structured by Sociological concepts.
The older I become the more I clearly feel life is beginning to make sense. Looking back at my childhood I feel as I was living life all while being contained. I was born in Texas and raised in Indiana, in a town where speaking Spanish
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Once there I was quick to gain courses of racial and gender diversity. Educating me to gain knowledge of what was real and what was not, what was legal and what was not so that I could better base my decision on religion and what I would be “punished” for what was acceptable. (TCO 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8)
We would spend much time visiting our closest friends and there family. Who were family’s that were very religious. I was not permitted to practice the Catholic religion regardless if this was my practicing religion as a child. So I was very ignorant to many of the Catholic experiences. I remember meeting up with a group at the place I work at and discussing religious beliefs. It was amazing to join in a conversation where I was not made to feel oppressed by the majority but valued as a person with different beliefs. I decided to join them and go to church with them. The people were caring and very understanding which was not what I was use to, at my church we were made to feel the Gender difference. Woman sat on side and men sat on the other side. If you were a married woman you sang only with the married group and if you were not regardless of age you would sing with the youth? There were times when we were told it was better for a rock to speak then a woman. So attending a church where a woman lead a service was not only shocking but liberating. I knew women were capable of doing so much more than just raise children and serve men. (TCO 3 & 7)
I was


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