Easyjet Market Analysis

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Executive Summary:
This report illustrates an in-depth look of easyJet and will also discuss an analytic research that was made to demonstrate aspects of the history of the airline, along with the marketing strategy and brand strategy used and implemented by the low-budget airline. The strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, known as SWOT analysis, will also be illustrated along with the external environment better known as PEST analysis which consists of the political, environmental, social/cultural and technology factors of easyJet. In addition an analysis of the competitive market environment of easyJet will be shown, which includes an overview of easyJet’s main competitors and the nature of business in which they operate
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In 2008 easyJet launched a form of credit card by forming a partnership with Citibank allowing consumers to gain easyJet air miles. (Euromonitor, 2011).
External and Internal Environment:
The existence of easyJet is based on the balance of both external and internal environments. The external environment consists of the political, economic, social/cultural and technological factors (PEST analysis). Meanwhile the internal environment consists of the organisation’s internal factors which contribute to the performance and success of the organisation which could be distinguished from the strengths and weaknesses of the swot analysis. Therefore the PEST analysis factors should be taken into account when marketing plans are formulated for easyJet.
Political Factors:
A few of the political factors that could affect easyJet include threats of war in the Middle-East, this can affect the business of easyJet through rising fuel costs. Terrorism would also cause insurance cost to increase and safety problems for all travellers and the airline industry as a whole. Another political factor would be that the passenger numbers of easyJet increases due to a European Union east-enlargement which provides access to practical new markets. Within the airline industry, the scheme of air miles are not considered to be taxable by the government the way company cars are, if


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