Analysis of Ryanair

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Analysis of the low cost airline industry and internal analysis of Ryanair

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Date: 05 August 2011

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Part one:
PESTEL Analysis
Porters Five Forces
Part two:
Internal Analysis of Ryanair: Strengths & Weaknesses
Value Chain Analysis Of Ryanair
Financial Analysis Of Ryanair
Appendices A) Value chain analysis B) Financial ratios of Ryanair and Easyjet C) Ryanair acquisition of companies and marketing mix


Ryanair established in 1985 carrying more than 5,000 passengers between its route Waterford Airport in Ireland to
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Many people also seeking new destinations is a good opportunity for budget airlines to increase passenger numbers and revenue by providing different destinations of regional airports.

The increasing popularity of information technology is an opportunity for low budget airlines as they don’t use travel agents to sell tickets and allows consumers to be informed about schedules, compare prices and itineraries as well as flights with other airlines (Pease etl al., 2007).

The new ‘saddle seat’ which is designed to allow 23 inches of legroom compared to 30 inches on a normal seat space and shaped to sit at an angle increase the number of seat for an airline (, 2011). The seats offer an opportunity for low budget airlines such as Ryanair and Easyjet to allow more storage space and more passengers in a plane which can increase revenues.
The opportunities in technology allows airlines to take advantage of potential revenues with the internet offering direct marketing for customers and value added service by bringing offers to the customers directly. The opportunities for of the new seats can offer planes to fit more passengers and is a further potential a growth in revenue for budget airlines.
The airline industry has considerable regulations with issues concerning legislation and guidelines. For example low cost airlines have aggressive advertising campaigns to emphasize low fares which


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