Gava Analysis

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The purpose of this paper is to conduct a General Aviation Value Analysis (GAVA) to determine whether one form of transportation is more efficient than another, in order for a group of colleagues to attend a business meeting. The intent of the assignment was to assess the value of using a business aircraft (verses commercial aircraft, personal car, train, etc.). The researcher compared and contrasted two trip locations, with multiple variables of attendees, modes of travel, and expenses associated with each variable.
Parameters of the Research
The researcher used the majority of the parameters provided by the course syllabus, specifically the “Course Projects” portion of this document (Embry-Riddle, 2013). The researcher
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If all six people each drove their own POVs to the meeting in Prague, the costs would increase to $5400. Driving a POV would save the cost of a rental car too, but that cost is negligible. All other costs are identical to the other modes of transportation (number of days per diem, wages during meeting, two hotel nights, etc.).
If the meeting was in Adana, Turkey instead, it would take 4200 minutes (70 hours) to drive the roundtrip journey of 4132 miles. This would cost the company $5600 in wages per employee (70 hours x $80/hour = $5600). Assuming everyone who attending the meeting drove eight hours per day, it would take seven days to drive to/from Adana, which would add a cost of $1225 in hotels to the overall cost of the trip per person (five extra nights). The mileage to drive a POV to Adana for the meeting would cost the company $2066 too (4132 miles x $0.50/mile = $2066). The additional five travel days would also cost the company an additional $325 in per diem, per employee. Total costs for two people to drive a POV to Adana would be $16,366 (in addition to what it would cost everyone else: two travel days, two hotel nights, one day of wages at the meeting, three days of per diem for the trip, etc.). For six people to each drive their own POVs to Adana, it would cost a staggering $55,296! This is obviously not a