EDA 555 Legal Issues in Education Benchmark Assessment and Rubric

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EDA 555 Legal Issues in Education Benchmark Assessment and Rubric
Alicia M. Thomas
Grand Canyon University:
EDA-555 Legal Issues in Education
Oct 23, 2013

Legal Issues in Education Benchmark Assessment and Rubric

Response to the letter
Letter from the Principal

TO: Joe Black, Lead Custodian

From: The Principal

Date: October 26

Subject: Confidential
After reading your letter I was in a state of shock for a period of time because it is actually a matter of our school's reputation and I really want to look at it in detail to rectify the actual issue so that best possible outcomes can be generated.
Therefore, I have decided to go for a plan of action so that this stated problem can be
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I will come up with a proper conclusion and will try not to ruin Mr. Smithson position as well. Thus, solving this matter peacefully is essential and I want to solve this in such a way that Mr. Smithson can also know what he have done wrong and thus he is the one who will face the consequences.

Abstract Personal and institutional rights are termed as the two core elements that should be highlighted in every working environment in order to ensure proper safety as well as protection. In this regard, schools are also responsible for this main concern and every staff member has a right to have proper as well as adequate personal as well as institutional right. As a matter of fact, being a principal my core responsibility is to see how my staff members are working and whether students are comfortable with them or not. In short, productivity should be positive and in an effective manner. Along with this, I should also keep in mind that every staff member is protected and being given by proper personal as well as institutional right. If at any point of time, any of my staff member feels inadequacy in any of the rights, he or she may move ahead with his or her decision. Along with this, in order to do proper investigation, relevant evidences should also be gathered in order to make the case strong enough and besides this, Mr. Smithson's rights should be kept aside so that proper decisions can be made without any issues and problems. In this regard, legal