Does This Milkshake Taste Funny?

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Does The Milkshake Taste Funny?

George Stein, a college student employed for the summer by Eastern Dairy is faced with an ethical dilemma. His co-workers don’t care about proper procedures required in ensuring that the milkshake produced during the shift is hygienic and safe for human consumption. The milkshake that is produced is usually delivered to fast-food restaurants and drive-ins. George had less than a minute to think about his choices and must decide if he is going to remove the filters from the plant's piping and, thus, allow the current production run of milkshake mix to be contaminated with maggots or refuse to remove the filters, and report the maggot problem to management. Removing the filters will save the company money,
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 Lack of Value: The night shift workers lacked value. Value identifies personal standards and moral judgment. When individuals lack moral judgment, they cannot adhere to strict moral conducts at work. Most especially, when they are unsupervised. The night crews supposedly led by Paul were just cutting corners. They did not clean the equipments and pipes at the end of shift. According to Anderson & Aiwa (2008), “functional theories of reputation imply that individuals’ reputations are tied to their history of behavior”. The night crew has been acting unethically by story-telling and horseplay. George also found it being fun being hit by an exploding bag containing five gallons of heavy mix. George never reported any of this to the management and he also joined the crew in the unethical acts. He is going to repeat his unethical behavior by removing the filters and not reporting to the management.
 George is a social person. This is shown by George’s major interests in life which include hanging out at the local teenage gathering place and a drive-in restaurant. He also likes the camaraderie of the night-shift operators and even joined the union at Eastern Dairy. Jones and Kavanagh (1996) assert that individuals are influenced to


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