Steve Madden

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Steve Madden is one of America’s most successful footwear companies. The founder of the company Steve Madden himself is from Long Island, New York. The youngest of three children, Steve‘s father owned his own Textile Business. Since he was a child Steve has been troubled and he battled with drug and alcohol abuse up until his conviction in 2002. Steve worked in many retail stores when he was younger and found a love for shoes and the fashion industry at the age of 16. After graduating from high school, he attended the University of Miami for two years until his father refused to pay tuition due to Steve’s poor grades. After leaving college, Steve worked for many retail companies learning the business. Steve and his friend collaborated to …show more content…

This shoe also comes in all black and runs from women’s size 5-10. This shoe caught my eye because it is definitely a style of shoe that a lot of celebrities like Rihanna, Beyoncé and Jennifer Lopez have been wearing. The stiletto sandal is definitely one of the more popular shoe styles in the industry at the moment and this pattern is very flashy. This shoe can bring excitement to any outfit whether it is simple or glamorous. It is sexy, comfortable and a major trend for the upcoming season!

Steve Madden products are mass-produced to be shipped to all of the company’s different distributors. Steve Madden products are made through independent manufacturers throughout the world, including China, Brazil, Italy, Mexico, Spain, Portugal and the United States. The materials used in the manufacturing of products are available from a variety of sources worldwide. Steve Madden is a company in a highly competitive industry that must stay on top of shoe inventory, customer expectations and fashion trends. Steve Madden annual volume in 2012 was $ 1,227.1 billion dollars. As a small but important part of the shoe store industry, Steve Madden continues to increase their annual revenue. These actions are causing Steve Madden to continue to climb the ladder to becoming one of the top companies in the industry. With their global expansion and increased revenues Steve Madden is soon to sure make a bigger impact on the industry.

Steve Madden offers a


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