P1- Describe the travel and tourism component industries and provide examples of domestic, inbound and outbound organisations within them.

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P1- Describe the travel and tourism component industries and provide examples of domestic, inbound and outbound organisations within them.
There are three types of tourism which is domestic, inbound and outbound tourism.
Domestic tourism
When a tourist travels around the same country, as they live in. For example when you live in London and decide to go for a tour in the palace of Westminster, then you are a domestic tourism. A domestic tourism traveller does not have to book a place to stay because they can go home on the day they went to visit.
Inbound tourism
Travelling around the UK from another country. The tourist comes from another different country. For example, Joseph is going to visit the UK for his holiday but he lives
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They provide a game facility to use and car parking if you want to take your car with the journey and also you get good foods in the ferry. Inbound and outbound tourists would normally use the ferries to go to another country. Furthermore, there’re other ferries which links from Scotland to islands such as Isle of hull and Isle of Arran; domestic tourist would be one of the main tourists which would use these ferries from one land to island.
Tourisms most common transport is by air travel to get to different countries. This would be mostly used by inbound and outbound tourists. For example the major Heathrow international airport (http://www.heathrowairport.com/flight-information) gets tourist in and out from countries. The British airways operate from different countries and this is the only airway which can travel to more countries compared to others. Also if tourists wants to travel to such places like Sri Lanka or India would have no other option because aeroplanes are the only transport which can travel that far even though it is 10hour flights and expensive. However there is air transport for domestic tourism, internal flights which takes off in London to departure in Birmingham such as Sky scanner. Attractions

Natural attractions
Most tourists and other people love natural attractions because they are so naturally beautiful. In these attractions, both inbound and domestic tourists would be interested and most likely to visit


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