Different Types of Position During Surgical Operation

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What are the different types of position during surgical operation?
The surgical positions are
(1) Recumbent (Lying or reclining),
(2) Dorsal (pertaining to the back),
(3) Modified Fowler's, (Fowler's position- that in which the head of the patient's bed is raised to 18-20 inches above the level.
(4) Genupectoral position- the patient resting on his knees and chest, arms crossed above his head.
(5) Left lateral,
(6) Lithotomy position-the patient on his back, legs flexed on his thighs, thighs flexed on his abdomen and abducted.
(7) Prone- face downwards.
(8) Sim's position- patient on left side and chest, right knee and thigh drawn up, left arm along the back.
(9) Trendelenburg's postion- patient on back, on a plane inclined 45
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There are some factors to be considered as well, these are: type of surgery, the target organ, body habitus, past operations, expected length of surgery, surgeon’s preference.
Here are some of the most common abdominal incisions:

Midline abdominal incision is one of the most common and versatile incisions for abdominal surgery because this allows access to nearly all of the organs in the abdomen and the retroperitoneum, if deemed necessary. After the skin and subcutaneous are cut, the linea alba is opened. Linea Alba is one of the advantages in this type of incision since this is relatively avascular and avoids damage to any muscles or nerves, it is also strong enough to allow secure closure.
There are two types of Midline abdominal incisions
Lower Midline * Used for complex appendicitis * Sigmoid, colonic, rectal, urological, and gynecological procedures * Generally, this incisions are well tolerated by patients but can be painful. The weight of the abdominal contents and an obese abdominal wall may add strain, increasing the risk for hernia formation.
Upper Midline * Incision can be extended superiorly for processes or operations that involve the upper abdominal viscera or require additional exposure. * Best exposure of the pelvis is gained by a lower midline incision to the pubis * Access to the esophagus, hiatus, stomach and duodenum, pancreas and


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