Discrimination and Food Chain Supermarkets

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Application: Individual Case Study Analysis, Case 10
Analyzing Promotion Data: Applying to 80% Rule
Lakisha Richardson

This analysis explains the thoughts and ideas about Case 10: Analyzing Promotion Data. It references the problems noted and within the case as well as the legal issues that apply. Based on the background and research, an overview of a solution to the problem and an implementation process to be executed by Tom Rutherford, HR director of Food Chain Supermarkets, Inc. can help with the discrimination issue(s) presented in the case.

Summary of Case
Human resource director of Food Chain Supermarkets, Inc., Thomas L. Rutherford was disturbed by a conversation he had with Walter Jackson, an employee
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According to James& Wooten, “The costs associated with discrimination are real, and there are a number of reasons why organizational leaders should be concerned, not only about discrimination lawsuits, but also about developing appropriate strategies for managing these crises” (2006, p. 1105).
A disadvantage is that the policy could possible turn into reverse discrimination. Dontigney states that, “the accusation of reverse discrimination can generate a negative social backlash for a company, which may undermine its financial future; the accusation can also potentially undercut the confidence of minority and women employees concerning their skill level” (2012).
An advantage of training the managers in the implementation of anti-discriminatory policy is that, according to Queensland Health, “all managers and supervisors are responsible for implementing equity and diversity principles and ensuring unlawful discrimination does not occur in their workplaces” (2009, p. 4).
A disadvantage is that some polices have unclear and insufficient procedures. Policies must be backed by resources and commitment by senior staff, including incentives to put polices into effect.
Best Solution
I feel that Food Chain Supermarkets, Inc.’s, HR director, should implement both alternative solutions noted above. Mathis & Nikomo state that, “HR planning is the process


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