Dennis Rodman

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Dennis Rodman

The person I decide to do my psychology study on is Dennis Roman, I decided to pick him to do my study would is because he is well known to have a lot of psychological problems. Some of his psychological problems are the reason that made him an even bigger star than he was just off his accomplishments. Some people could even argue the fact by some of his bizarre events he was able to generate a bigger salary for NBA contract as well too. By fully understanding Dennis Rodman we, will know who he is, where he comes from, then ask what makes him do the things he does, and why he does it? Dennis Rodman was originally born on May 13, 1961 in
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The Detroit Pistons even retired his jersey number he wore during his 7 out of 14 year career when he played for Detroit; he also was named part of the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame's Class of 2011. Some psychologists says while Dennis Rodman was growing up he was stuck in the phallic stage of psychosexual development. Which is due to the time he was growing up his father wasn’t around and all he had was his mother and two sisters there was no male figure around during the time when he was growing up. The phallic stage is a stage in which the child gains pleasure through his genitals and may rival his father due to the Oedipus complex. Since being around females his whole childhood which could be the cause of his sexuality tendencies, that caused him to want to standout out. During sports he still wasn’t the standout out player in his family; his two sisters were the standout basketball players. During high school he was cut from the football team and bench most of the time in the basketball team. Through the stages of the Erikson theory Dennis Rodman learn how his father left him, and he only learn feminine tendencies growing up with all females. Especially at the industry versus the inferiority stage he should learn how to be more masculine which never happen.


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