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Intervention Strategies Summary Paper
Learning Team D
May 25, 1025
Alysha McCuistion
Intervention Strategies Summary Paper
Everyone has problems. Some people are aware enough to acknowledge the problems, while others need help identifying issues. There are those that will deny that a problem even exists, though there are several identifying factors that scream otherwise. Individuals in denial of their problems often spiral downhill until they reach rock bottom. They may need to be given an ultimatum before even attempting to get help. Tonya is a married woman with children who is given an ultimatum by her husband to get help for her drinking problems. Tonya does not see the need for any intervention because in her eyes, she
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Lastly, after several years of maintaining sobriety there is termination. There is no longer a desire to use, and the cognitive behaviors are now different.
Cirque the strategies
As stated earlier, the counselor used open and closed ended questions, as well as restating the information the client provided that illustrated the issue at hand. She also got the client to admit to the addiction and formulated a plan to bring about change. The plan both Tonya and the therapist agreed on is reasonable and will not place any extra stress Tonya. When the interview initially began, the counselor came off a bit too strong, which caused the Tonya to get a bit upset and defensive. Keep in mind working with someone who has an addiction is challenging, especially when the person does not see the issues are a threat or problem. Getting them to acknowledge and admit to having a problem is most challenging. The most important thing that a counselor must remember is gaining the clients trust is crucial to making any progress. Tonya ended up taking the counselor’s approach as offensive and immediately went into defensive mode, which could have caused serious issues for the entire helping process. This halts the session in the beginning because Tonya felt as though the counselor was a being judgmental. Once Tonya explained to the counselor how she views her alleged "drinking problem" the counselor regrouped and approached Tonya with a