Decision-Making Model Analysis: 7-Step Decision-Making Model

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Decision-Making Model Analysis: 7-Step Decision-Making Process
Decision making is defined as "the cognitive process leading to the selection of a course of action among alternatives" (Decision Making, 2006, para. 1). Decisions are made continually throughout our day.
For the most part, our decision-making processes are either sub-conscious or made fairly quickly due to the nature of the decision before us. Most of us don't spend much time deciding what to have for lunch, what to wear, or what to watch on television. For other, more complex decisions, we need to spend more time and analyze the elements of the decision and potential consequences. To assist with this, many people employ the use of a decision-making model. Utilizing a
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My boss did not want me to leave Junior Achievement, so she had a certain "spin" on the new position to make it less attractive. The Board Chair of the new organization wanted me to work there, so he had a spin that made the position more attractive. I had to use my critical thinking skills to recognize these appeals to my emotions and other tricks that are used (consciously or sub-consciously) to try and influence my decision.
Step Five: Evaluation Options That Will Solve the Problem This step requires that you take all of the information you have collected from the previous four steps and evaluate it in relation to the two options selected previously. There are four sub-sets to this step, the first is identify the pros and cons. For me, that involved physically listing the positives (more money, opportunities to grow, personal achievement) and the negatives (much less time with family, more job stress, abandonment of educational goals). I also had to assess the values and needs satisfied by each alternative, identify the risks associated with each alternative, and project probably future consequences of selecting each. Once again, critical thinking must be employed to safe guard against overly emotional responses, fallacious reasoning, and false information provided during the information gathering phase that could cloud


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