Marketing Approach to Ben Shermann

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A Report on Marketing Approach and Strategies of Ben Sherman.

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By: Majeed Abdul Sheikh B0362RHRH0413


Table of contents

1. Executive Summary 3

2. Introduction 4

3. Marketing Approach 4

4. Research Objectives 6

5. Research Conclusion 7

6. Personal Observation 8

7. Group Achievement 9

8. Recommendation 10

9. Reference 12

Executive Summary

Ben Sherman
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It is very helpful marketing approach as it can provide both qualitative as well as quantitative information that a customer prescribes as a result of which Ben Sherman can formulate a plan that is viable and efficient at a given market.

ii) Observational Approach

This approach helps Ben Sherman to observe the action and situational behaviour, which is largely objective and accurate information as it eliminates the subjective elements, arose during questionnaires. The information obtain through observational approach can be use to understand the sales pattern, customer preference and response towards product.

iii) Focus Group

The group of people having homogenous characteristics is formed to collect information about how people of these groups will interact the product and service of the company. According to Krueger and Casey (2000) this research can helps to “identify trends and pattern of its customer as research is conducted many times with similar characteristics of participant group”.

iv) Behavioural Research

It is the process of identification of individual or organisational pattern in making buying decision. According to Solomon et al, (2006) “ it is a process of understanding purchase, use or dispose of product or service to satisfy needs.” This research can help Ben Sherman to collect the customer information and built database to understand