Mhc - Case Study

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Chapter 2

Describe MHC’s strategy in terms of market position. Also, identify the type external environment MHC is operating in and the degree to which the strategy matched the environment.

MHC focused on providing care to the indigent and less able members of the community. It was reasonably successful until 1989, when the health care industry began to experience considerable change in governmental regulations and insurance procedures. At the time of their strategic planning, hospitals were reimbursed on the basis of a preset, standardized price for treatment rather than the "cost-plus" method used previously. The federal and state governments were putting increasing pressure on health care institutions to reduce costs. In
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Be sure to address both the learning and the transfer of training issues. Training should be organized in the following ways which includes TNA, developing objectives, then use the objectives to develop a design for training. Also the employees should be organized and the laborers should be ready to receive instructions. Learning objectives is a four part process which in tells the reaction, learning, transfer of training, and organizational outcome that may come from the trainee. At the end of orientation, the trainee should be able to list reasons as to why to use a team approach for continuous success.

2. Review the Multi State Health Cor. Case from Chapter 2 and answer the following questions: a. in the implementation of HRPS, what groups of employees are likely to need training? Think of this from a training design perspective and from a training content perspective. B. for the type of training you envision for what group, what are the learning objectives? Write these in complete forms. C. For each group of employees that will need training, what are the organizational constraints you will need to address in the design of your training? What design features will you use to address in the design of you training? What design features will you use to address these constraints? Be sure to address both the learning and the transfer of training issues.

The regional and divisional execs need training and the group needs to be updated on the newest


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