Station Case Study

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Southern Rail Balcombe Case Study

Module Title: Planning and Decision Making Assignment Title: Southern Rail Balcombe Station Case
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Contents Page 1. Introduction 2. Planning & Decision Making 3. Management 4. Information Systems 5. PESTAL 6. Decision Making Models 7. Contingency Planning 8. Recommendations/Conclusion

1.0 Introduction

This report will be a detailing and taking into regard the planning & decision making of a project and what would be the best choice for the train station Balcombe which Southern Rail own as the station is facing a few issues. This report will give suggestions on which choices would be
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2.0 Planning & Decision Making In order for planning and decision making to be successful it is important the management of a large project such as option one make sure they have planned what will happen and what could possibly happen so nothing happens that was not thought about. Planning is “the first driver, planning is the main way of the bulk of the organisation participates in strategy development” (Sinofsky. S & Iansiti. M, 2010). This reference refers to the planning of a development to be the first aspect that has to be taken into consideration before anything else when it comes to an organisation developing their business. Also once it has been planned what an organisation wishes to do it after that decisions can be made on how to successfully make decisions so the plan is successful. Decision-making is “the third driver. Decision-making foundations start with the definition of transparent roles and responsibilities for members of the organisation and continue with the establishment of clear levels of empowerment and accountability.” (Sinofsky. S & Iansiti. M, 2010). This reference explains that decision-making is the process where managers will delegate which roles team members of an organisation must focus on and achieve. Once all team members follow out their role correctly the plan


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