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Customer Service Questionnaire (step 5 of 6) Screening Questions | Instructions
This questionnaire has been designed to help us to understand whether the role of customer assistant is right for you, as well as help you to understand more about what it might be like to work for Tesco. Based on actual experiences of Tesco customer assistants, each question describes a situation that you might find yourself in while at work. You should imagine yourself as a customer assistant in each situation and select one of the three options. The one you select is the option you would do in each of the given situations. | | *Question 1
You are refilling a section of shelves in the store which you need to have completed before your break. Your
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| | | *Question 10
The store is expecting a very busy week before a holiday season starts. Additional staff will be needed in the store so that everything still runs smoothly. Your manager says that if anyone can do any extra shifts it would be greatly appreciated.

Answer A: Wait to see if your colleagues take the extra shifts before offering to help.
Answer B: Check your diary and commit to any extra shifts where you have the time.
Answer C: Assume that the spare shifts will be taken by your colleagues who have the time. | | | *Question 11
There are road works being done on your normal route to work for two days next week. This may delay your journey by as much as half an hour each way.

Answer A: Assume that your manager will understand as it is not your fault that you are late.
Answer B: Tell your manager in advance that as your journey will be delayed you will be arriving late for work on those two days.
Answer C: Leave for work earlier than usual to try to beat the traffic and make sure that you arrive on time. | | | *Question 12
You are collecting stock from the back of the store to use to refill some of the shelves in your section. You notice that there is some stock missing for the third time in the past two weeks.

Answer A: Ask the last person to refill the same shelves if they know where the missing stock is.
Answer B: Talk


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