MGT 599 SLP 3 Internal Analysis Kraft Foods

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Module 3 SLP
MGT 599 Strategic Management
Dr. Nanette Metz

Business Dictionary defines internal analysis as “a review of an organization’s strengths and weaknesses that focus on those factors within its domain” (2014). Conducting an internal analysis allows organizations to adapt and change the way they conduct business in order to remain competitive. Internal analysis obtains information from financials, operational and marketing departments to help management determine strategic planning for future growth. In this paper the author will discuss an internal analysis of Kraft Foods.
Tangible Resources Investopedia defines tangible assets as assets having a physical form,
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Kraft Foods challenges their brands to “bring new values, attributes, and relevant and credible positioning to boost emotional ties with different consumers while maintaining quality” (Columna Brand Strategy, 2011). Additionally, Kraft Foods has distinct unique brand logos that are easily recognizable and set their products apart from the competition
Over the last 100 years Kraft Foods has developed a reputation for producing quality food products consumers’ love. They understand that in order to remain top of the industry they must “maintain brand image for existing products and extend new brands with new products and offerings” (Kraft Foods, 2014). If Kraft Foods develops negative perceptions their consumer preferences may change resulting in decreased sales
Kraft Foods VP Steven Goers states that “innovation is successfully implementing an invention or creative idea that creates value to our customers and our consumer” (Staggs, 2008). Some of the innovative ideas at Kraft Foods include squeezable Miracle Whip and resealable Oreo packages (Staggs). Changes like the above allow Kraft Foods to cater to consumer demands while enhancing the quality of their products. There are 2,000 scientist, chemist and engineer employed at Kraft Foods to conduct research and development for new improved products