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With Jeffrey Katzenberg as their CEO, DreamWorks Animation’s business encompasses animated content creation for theatres and television as well as merchandising and licensing of their associated characters (Fixmer, 2013). DreamWorks Animation has been an exemplary example when it comes to keeping its employees happy at work, being voted 12th on Fortune’s 2013 top 100 best companies to work for (CNN, 2013).
DreamWorks Animation goes through great measures in order to maximize the potential of their employees by ensuring that they are always
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DreamWorks Animation is a company whose product creation involves an intensive work process which requires the expertise and technical nous of knowledge workers. Through the use of job analysis and design, they could benefit from finding the right people for the right jobs by clearly defining the description and requirements (Rehman, 2011). DreamWorks Animation could also increase efficiency and motivation of their employees, benefitting from increased productivity and reducing the turnover rate.

As DreamWorks Animation depends on development and creation of creative content as their main business function, the quality of employees they have plays a large factor on the quality of product produced. Therefore, employees become the most important resource the company has, and being able to identify and attract potential employees through recruiting becomes a top priority. The decision made by the company in recruiting consists of three main aspects; personnel policies, recruiter traits and behaviours, and recruitment sources (Noe, R.A. et al., 2014, pg.143).
In order to attract top talents in their relative specializations to choose DreamWorks animation over their competitors, the first step is using image advertising. Under personnel policies, image advertising is the


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