Dell vs. Apple

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Michael Dell founded Dell in 1984 at the age of 19. Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak designed Apple Computer on April 1, 1976. As both companies continue to grow they have contributed to a wide impact on competiveness and efficiency towards strategic goals. Dell Computer Corporation is one of the most visible success stories in the computer market. By selling personal computers directly to customers over the Internet, offering a build-to-order sales system, and then linking suppliers, workers, managers, customers, and service personnel together on the Internet, Dell has built a series of rapid-response systems that have revolutionized organizational communication. Dell’s rapid-response systems have led to fear, admiration, and attempts at …show more content…

The company conducts interactive online training and workshop programs to improve stakeholder skills and also utilizes chat rooms for advanced learning and team coordination activities. Dell’s real-time communication system for value-chain coordination sets the standard for excellence in response time and product quality in the PC industry. Fourth, Dell has a rapid-response system for the continuous improvement of all organizational activities. Here again, all Dell’s stakeholders are tied together in a real-time interactive communication system aimed at focusing teamwork on improving every aspect of Dell’s performance. Such teams operate with and be- tween units, outsourcers, suppliers, and managers and customers, aiming to improve Dell’s productivity, quality, maintenance, and timelines by at least 20 percent per year. Each of these team- work processes is monitored and profiled in order to locate innovative and ambitious project leaders and effective team members and to motivate stakeholders (McWilliams and White 1999, B4). This continuous-improvement process leads the PC industry in improved performance each year. Dell’s four rapid-response systems—sales, services, value chain, and continuous improvement—are all online real-time communication systems. Dell’s profiling systems of customer choice, products, service, value chain, and


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