12 Angry Men: Communication Analysis Paper

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Arthur Mcqueen
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April 17, 2006

Communication Analysis Paper
12 Angry Men For an in-depth look into the workings of small groups few movies have offered more than the beloved classic, 12 Angry Men. A small group is defined as group of approximately 5 to 12 people who share a common purpose and follow similar organizing rule. 12 Angry Men, as its title suggests, depicts a story of exactly 12 men who form such a group. The movie opens in the first state of Group Development, the opening period. This is the time when people in small groups will small talk, introduce themselves, and begin to learn a little about one another. During this stage in the movie, jurors discuss the view, old buildings, hot
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Since this feedback stage ended with a task still left to do, the business stage continued on.

Through out the business stage member roles are clearly evident. The most outstanding comes right after the time of this 9 to 3 split, when all have been convinced except one. Juror 3, no doubt a complex character throughout the film, is seen clearly as the aggressor or blocker in the group. Even after everyone is convinced and no argument is left unrefuted he refuses to budge. He attacks Juror 8 repeatedly and refuses to listen to the others regardless of what they have to say. He rants and raves and unyieldingly holds his stance until in a dramatic finale he breaks down into sobs and relents, ¡°Not guilty.¡±

A unanimous vote has been taken, their task is complete, and thus the business stage is over. It is now that a small group would typically move into the closing stage. A group would most likely formally end with a few closing comments and then move into some farewell small talk. Members typically exit while in this small talk, wishing each other a good night or saying ¡°it¡¯s been great seeing you.¡± It is the closing stage for 12 Angry Men is perhaps the most ironic. After Juror 3¡¯s meltdown, after his final broken ¡°not guilty,¡± the jurors exchange no such small talk. Rather, they all stand ¨C silently, and one by one leave the room. After all they have just been through, after


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