Criminal Justice Research Paper

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1. Fred is drunk and driving his dad’s car. Fred is a 21 year old student at Columbia College. Fred rams into a parked car at 10th and Rogers. Thinking no one saw him; Fred moves his car and parks it on an adjacent lot. He sprints to his dorm room in Miller Hall. A neighbor saw the wreck and Fred running to the dorm. Police are called and they arrive ten minutes after the wreck. The officers see several empty beer cans and a bottle of tequila (half full) in the front seat. The tags are traced to Fred’s dad, who is called by police. Dad says that Fred is a student at Columbia College. Police run Fred's record and determine that he has two prior DWIs within the past five years. The third DWI in 10 years is a felony. Police contact …show more content…
There is another issue, as well. If this person is leaving a place for which a search warrant has been issued, the police already have a reasonable suspicion of involvement in criminal activity which would justify a detention beyond a simple pat-down and identification. What else is said and done by others at the scene (cops and suspects) and what is found in the search may justify extending the detention of the person who was leaving as a possible suspect in drug sales or possession.

The search you asked about occurred under similarly exigent circumstances, the evidence was easily disposable and the intrusion was very limited. So, it seems to me, the evidence seized under the circumstances you described would still be admissible.

3. Kyle and Mel are detectives in the property crimes unit. They are investigating a case of leaving the scene of an accident. The victim’s car suggested an impact on the right front bumper of victim's car. While canvassing a neighborhood on another matter, Mel sees a car parked in a garage. The garage is attached to the house, but the door is open. The car shows physical damage to the left rear quarter panel with smudges similar to those on victim's car. Mel and Kyle approach the garage


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