Counselling Report on Depression

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Specialist Diploma In Counselling Psychology

Case Study

Mei Ling

Conceptualise the individual and presenting problem
Mei Ling is a thirty-three years old who works as a nurse in a busy surgical ward. She is married to Steven for fourteen years. She has two sons whom aged eleven and eight years old. Lately she begun to fear that Steven is having an affair and will leave her.
Mei Ling had seen her general practitioner (GP) for lack of energy and vague gastrointestinal symptoms. But her medical examination result found no physical cause. Through discussion with the GP discovered she has been feelings of depression for the past four months. Mei Ling’s GP suggested her to seek counselling.
During the counselling session, Mei
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* The counsellor strives to be truly engaged in the counselling process and to actively share her own thoughts, feelings, and reactions regarding what are taking place.

* Unconditional Caring * The counsellor encourages inquiry, hypothesis testing, and investigation of results. * The counsellor uses reflection of attitudes and feelings, self-disclosure, and even kind confrontation to facilitate growth and positive action in Mei Ling.

How do you feel as a counsellor? 1. The role of the counsellor is to be without roles.

2. The counsellor strives to establish a therapeutic climate that allows the Mei Ling to grow.

3. The counsellor needs to be real with Mei Ling.

4. The here and now experience of the relationship between Mei Ling and the counsellor is the focus.

5. The counsellor is congruent.

6. Help Mei Ling: * Trust herself. * Be open to experience * Develop an internal source of evaluation * Develop a willingness to continue to grow

7. Non-judgmental attitude * The counsellor provides an unconditional caring for Mei Ling that is free of evaluation or judgement.

8. Empathy * The counsellor shows a sincere desire to understand and identify with the subjective world of the client’s experiences and feelings.

9. Genuineness * The counsellor strives to be truly engaged in the therapeutic process and to actively share her own thoughts, feelings, and


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