Pros and Cons of Government Intervention

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This specific report addresses the pros and cons of how much government intervention in the marketplace is necessary and appropriate. This report will cover four authors, Cunningham, Green, Friedman and Pertschuk. The authors have written extensively on consumerism and the protection thereof. This author’s goal is to break down some of the theories, which authors seem akin in their beliefs and which authors’ views are bipolar opposites. Green states there be only should be two types of government regulations 1) economic regulations and 2) health and safety regulations. He states the only important pieces of consumer legislation to emerge from Congress in the past three years were the “Consumer Protection Safety
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To be quite honest I found his article to be rambling and sometimes confusing. He does talk about working smarter and not harder and he seems s to have a great interest in business and the business world. But there is no question he is a bureaucrat and most of the time they end up with just theories.

Subjective I found most of these articles very interesting, but I was curious why they were dated back so far. Has their not been any interesting material written on consumerism in the last few years? Also, it’s a new day. And it’s a new time, 2010. In my opinion safety supersedes consumerism. Yes, Americans should be vigilant about the water they drink, the food they eat and the transportation they use. But at the same time I feel better knowing that each state has a Homeland Security Team. Therefore, it was difficult for me to read the articles that absolutely eschew government intervention. I own a beautiful blonde lab named Gracie. I couldn’t possibly love her anymore than what I do. In recent years the government did a recall on dog food. Everyone panicked including me. Fortunately for us, Gracie did not eat that kind of food. But if she had, well, it would be nice to know someone was looking out for us.


Green, M.J. (1974). Appropriateness and Responsiveness: Can the Government Protect the Consumer?


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