Compare and Contrast Technology Through the Years

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It is amazing that technology has changed the world around us, within just two decades. Some of the technologies include instantaneous communication, realistic looking games, information at the tip of you fingers, and personal computers. These are some of technologies that affect our lives so much. Without them, we could not call it the modern age of man kind.

The telephone that we know today is completely different from the one of the past. Today we can individually press each number quickly to call someone. We can even call someone through the computer without the person actually owning a phone. The telephone of the past had the numbers on a curricular disc. This design made forced you to tediously move each number to a specific
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Thankfully today, the size of the computer has allowed everyone to have their every own personal computer, because the cost of computers has drastically decreased. The oldest computers could only do the most basic of calculation. The computing power of the newest computers allows it do the most difficult of calculations. As a result, people are now trying to do calculations, which were once thought impossible.

As I look around me, it seems that I am not the only one who has benefited from the creation of newer and newer technologies. If not for technology, my father would still be helplessly and aimlessly be looking at a dictionary, my grandfather would have never of started to watched news reports, and my mom could not keep in contact with all of the friends, who are located throughout the world. I could not live in a world that does not have so much technology. Without it, I could not play games that make me feel as though I am playing a realistic game. I and everyone I know have become too much accustomed to using technology on a daily basis. Without a doubt we all agree that the newest technology has tremendously affected the way we


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