BRAE 340 Problem set 1

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a. Power– kilowatt,
b. Area – acres,
c. Application Rate – in/hr,
d. Pressure – head,
e. Depth – inches,
f. Length – miles,
g. Velocity – ft/sec,
h. Volume – ac-in,
i. Flow Rate – cu-ft/sec
2. Statements (1) and (2) refer to water volumes. Are these Net or Gross volumes? (1) Crop water use (cu-ft) = Seasonal ET (ft) x Crop area (acres) x 43,560 sq-ft/acre (2) Volume applied by system (ac-in) = Application rate (in/hr) x Irrigation time (hr) x Area (acres)
a. (1) is Net; (2) is Gross
b. (1) is Gross; (2) is Gross
c. (1) is Gross; (2) is Net
d. (1) is Net; (2) is Net
3. Statements (1) and (2) refer to water amounts. Are these Net or Gross amounts? (1) Crop water
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1.12 inches
c. 1.17 inches
d. 0.97 inches
e. 3.90 inches
i. Volume in tube = column x tube area ii. Tube area = ∏ d2/4 = sq-in iii. Volume in tube = rainfall (in) x tube area = cu-in iv. Rain depth = volume in tube (cu-in) ÷ top funnel area (sq-in)
18. If the pump delivers 60 ac-ft for an irrigation that is 76% efficient, how much water is beneficial for the crop?
a. (60 * .76) =45.6
a. Meter gate – Change in water level and gate opening
b. Rectangular weir – Head upstream above the crest,
c. Submerged orifice – Change in water level and hole size,
d. Replogle flume – Head upstream above the crest,
e. ITRC Weir Stick – Depth over the weir crest, including run-up,
f. Triangular weir – Head upstream above the crest,
g. Trapezoidal weir – Head upstream above the crest,
h. Parshall flume – Upstream water level
20. Measuring only the water velocity over time, you can compute the flow rate.
a. T
b. F
21. Flow measurement is an important component in agriculture. Which of the following is NOT true?
a. Flow measurement is necessary in agriculture today
b. Agriculture is the largest consumer of fresh water
c. There is competition from urban and environmental uses
d. The fresh water supply is limited
e. Flow measurement always conserves water
22. Which of the following devices measures the velocity of the water?
a. ITRC weir stick
b. Metergate
c. Triangular weir
d. Cut throat flume
e. Propeller meter
23. How do suppressed weirs