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“Whoso List to Hunt” by Sir Thomas Wyatt and “Sonnet 67” by Edmund Spenser are sonnets that are very similar at a first glance, but delving deeper, a difference can be found. Both of these sonnets use imagery and figures of speech relating to the hunt of an unobtainable woman as well as that central theme. Through a deeper analysis it is revealed that these two authors have a different interpretation of this failed hunt. A comparison and contrast of “Whoso List to Hunt” and “Sonnet 67” reveals that they are very similar through the analysis of their imagery and theme, but a look at the tone, reveals a different view on the problems faced in by these two speakers. “Whoso List to Hunt” shows an unobtainable woman represented as a deer, …show more content…
From the start, the speaker says, “When I all weary had the chase forsook,” (Spenser, 6). This shows that although he gave up, he realizes how bootless this quest is. But after giving up, the woman comes back and he thinks, “Strange thing, me seemed, to see a beast so wild/ So goodly won, with her own will beguiled” (Spenser, 13-14). This shows that the narrator has given this hunt a lot more thought. These two sonnets show a major difference in tone. “Whoso List to Hunt” and “Sonnet 67” are very similar on the surface. Both exhibit the same imagery of a woman being the deer and the narrator her hunter. Along with this comes a theme that is comparable between the two poems. That is they both have a speaker desperately trying to woo a very unforgiving and unobtainable woman. Although they are very comparable in this aspect, they also contrast. In “Whoso List to Hunt” the speaker seems to be a little too clingy and stubborn. He consistently chases this woman, even though he is weary and she wants nothing to do with him. Whereas the speaker in “Sonnet 67” realizes that she doesn’t want him, gives up, and then the woman comes back to him. So although these two poems might look like just a regular hunt after a woman, a deeper analysis reveals that these two poems have a very different tone.

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