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Community Teaching- Influenza Vaccine
Jessica Alves
December 11, 2015

According to Healthy People 2020 a goal of theirs is to “increase immunization rates and reduce preventable infections.” The influenza virus is one of these preventable infections, which can cause serious harm to patients. The influenza virus is known as the “flu.” Everyone in his or her life has had some experience with the flu, whether that is himself or herself or a family member. What if there was a way to ensure people from contracting a strain of the influenza virus? Well, thanks to technology and medical research there is.
There are three types of the influenza virus: Type A, B, and C. Types A and B are contracted and spread by human-to-human transmission.
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The presentation began by explaining how the influenza virus is contracted and spread. Signs and symptoms such as: fever, fatigue, headache, runny nose, cough, and gastrointestinal disturbances were taught. It was emphasized that the milder symptoms that appear in the beginning, very much mimic a cold. This point was to show the impact of how quickly this virus could be spread. There are many complications that can arise from the influenza virus. These complications have a significant impact especially on the older adult population. These complications were explained in detail to the residents, and it sparked some conversation. Many residents began sharing stories about personal experiences with complications from the flu. This could have not gone any better!
The PowerPoint and presentation went on to education about the high-risk populations, as well as the exclusion criteria for receiving the vaccine. The presenter then took a vote to see if there was anyone in the room that would not qualify for the vaccination. In a room of 30 residents, there was not one person who did not meet criteria to being vaccinated with the influenza vaccine. The presenter went on to discuss the process of immunization. Many residents were familiar with signing the consent form, and the process of administration. An interactive portion of the presentation then began. The presenter demonstrated arm movements to reduce the


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