Malcolm X vs Frederick Douglass

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February 21, 2011
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Malcolm X VS. Frederick Douglass How would you compare your education experience with Malcolm X and Frederick Douglass? Education comes from attending elementary; middle school, high school, and college. However education can also come from home if the education is legitimate. In Malcolm X's "A Homemade Education," Malcolm discusses his struggles between the language on his childhood streets growing up and the language of literature. Being in prison, he explains how his interest and determination
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Frederick Douglass had no freedom and was lucky to receive education from his mistress in his circumstance.
Both Frederick Douglass and Malcolm X devoted a wide amount of detail to describing the processes by which they learned to read and write, and, as important, the obstacles that they confronted in order to do so. Douglass explains that he had to acquire his reading and writing skills surreptitiously “I had no regular teacher” Douglass describes illiteracy with living in a “mental darkness” (155). He devotes himself to learning first how to read and then how to write by appealing to the kindness and the egos of young white boys, whom he challenges to word duels (156). Malcolm X responds to his excitement to learn to read by creating the conditions that made such learning possible despite challenging circumstances. While in prison, Malcolm X teaches himself to read by going through the dictionary page by page (267. In order to comprehend what he has learned, he copies every single page “I'd never realized so many words existed! I didn't know which words I needed to learn” (266). Malcolm X realized what he had to do so he intentionally copied the dictionary to learn.
After Malcolm X was released from prison and he had an education, he spoke in London about the human rights issue to the United Nations, and on the plane both ways to and from London. Malcolm began speaking on behalf of the Black Muslim movement. Years later Malcolm began advocating