Communication and Professional Relationships with Children, Young People and Adults

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1.1. Effective communication is important in developing positive relationships with children and young adults because it helps the child to be able to communicate effectively with other people as they grow. Children react better to clear, concise communication and this in turn will help to build better relationships between child and adult and enable trust to grow, which is one of the key elements in building a relationship. It is also important to listen to the child and let them say what they want to say. Do not try to pre-empt or interrupt them. Try to keep your language and explanation simple and to the point. Make them feel that what
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Younger children like a lot of interaction and games etc. and conversations on i.e. programmes they like to watch, games they like to play. An older child/young adult would prefer to be spoke to on a different level and talk about different subjects, i.e. where they went at the weekend, about their friends etc. You should be mindful of some questions they may ask, especially personal ones about yourself. You should answer them truthfully but in a way that still keeps your relationship with them professional. Also, whatever the age of the child, ensure that they are focused on the task in hand, deal with any distractions straight away and re-focus the child as soon as possible.
Communication differences: Every child is different. Some are very confident and can talk clearly and with no problems. Others may have all sorts of problems, they may be very shy or nervous, may have a speech disorder or hard of hearing etc. Be mindful of this and ensure that you give the child the time they need to communicate with you. As above, do not interrupt them or speak for them. Let them speak at their own pace and let them see that you interested in what they are saying. Do not be distracted by something or someone else.
2.3 Regardless of the age of the child, the outcome is always the same. You want the child to be focussed, be able to communicate to the best of their ability,


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