Management Accounting Systems: a Balanced Scorecard

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Success Factor | Formulation of goal | Indicator | Measurement | Methodology | | Financial Perspective | | Revenue growth | To ensure that the Telstra store is constantly growing in financial terms. | Quarterly store revenue growth | Quarterly store revenue growth between 1% and 2% | The store’s revenue should increase at least 1% per quarter. By ensuring fiscal growth, the Telstra store will ensure that it is constantly developing and establishing itself as a forefront in Telstra stores. | New Customer Sign-ups | To ensure that the Telstra store is constantly growing in long-term fiscal terms with the addition of new customers | Monthly customer sign-ups | Sign-up of between 1 and 100 – satisfactory (Store is signing new …show more content…
No incentive rewarded.Average monthly NPS Score of 7 or 8 – Passive (Requirements met, service not above and beyond customer’s expectations). Partial incentive rewarded.Average monthly NPS score of 9 or 10 – Advocate (Customer happy with service and more likely to recommend store to friends and family). Full incentive rewarded. | Every customer experience should result in an NPS score of at least 7. Ensuring that customer’s perceive Telstra as a place where their needs are met with exceptional customer service will maximise the possibility that Telstra customers will recommend our store to others. | Customer Resolution Efficiency | To minimise the amount of time a customer spends seeking the help required for their enquiry | EFM (Effective Floor Management) Time | Average monthly EFM Time within 30 seconds – exceptional (customer is immediately directed to correct location). Incentive rewarded.Average Monthly EFM Time from 30 to 90 seconds – satisfactory (customer does not spend enough time waiting to be shown where to go that they start to become frustrated).Monthly Average EFM Time more than 90 seconds – unsatisfactory. (Customer is left waiting at entrance of store long enough to become frustrated). | Every customer that walks into the store should be greeted and


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