Analysis of Jim Collin's Great by Choice

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Human Sexuality Assignment
At its core, Great By Choice is a deep exploration of what distinguishes top performers from their peers during times of chaos, crisis, instability and uncertainty. Rigorous in its approach but practical in its presentation, Great By Choice to me seems like the perfect handbook for college seniors such as myself. In tackling the question of what distinguishes top performers in times of uncertainty, the authors first define what exactly a top performer is and then highlights the three key ingredients that these individuals were discovered to possess. 10Xers are leaders who built companies that started from a position of vulnerability, rose to beat their respective industries by at least 10 times, and did so in
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When you marry operating excellence with innovation, you multiply the value of your creativity.”
Advanced Memory Systems ultimately failed because they lacked the patience that comes along with discipline. They rushed to develop a sucessful product, the 1,000-bit memory-chip, that had a fatal glitch. Ultimately leaving the door open for Intel to come through and make the same product but without the glitch, because they had the discipline to sit down and figure out how to get rid of it. Intel used Advanced Memory Systems failure as one of many bullets that led to the firing of a cannonball. They committed, by converting bullets into a cannonball as soon as they had their emperical validation. Eighty hour work weeks for eight to nine months was what it took for Intel to deliver the finish product and eradicate Advanced Memory Systems from the market. Advanced Memory Systems may have found what worked, but Intel had the presence of mind to take what worked well one step further and figure out how to make it the best. They had ambition. Steve Jobs was forced out of his own company and had to watch it struggle and fumble for twelve years before he returned to Apple with the hope of greatness. Merriam Webster defines ambition as the desire to achieve a particular end. Jobs’ particular end for Apple was greatness. He posessed the ability to make people


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