Clinical Nursing Practice in the 21st Century

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Maryville University | Clinical Theory Practice of the 21st Century | Assignment 4.1 | | Sally Fandek | 9/1/2012 |

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In a world where there is constant change, and individuals are constantly attempting to adapt and cope with these changes, the human experiences and responses to this process is central to nursing interest, (Meleis, 2012). Today’s global health problems in addition to the politically volatile health care system, and the rising cost of health care seem insurmountable. As nurses,
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“Creation of middle-range theory best occurs at the intersection of “practice and research to enable empirical testing”, (Smith & Liehr, 1999). Middle-range theories are fairly simple and straightforward broad range ideas that are generated from the nursing perspective, and thus have the greatest application to practice in every dimension of nursing.
In a separate article by Patricia Liehr and Mary Jane Smith, (1999), they state that for nursing to move forward in the new millennium, recommendations for future theorizing should include the important elements of a clear articulation of theory names, deliberate attention to research-practice connections, and a creation of theories in connection with the nursing perspective, with the movement of middle-range theories to the front lines of nursing research. It is expected that theories that offer direction for the new millennium will emerge from the ‘historical context’ that defines the time, with the focus on the human development potential of health and healing being an important concept of the new millennium. As such, middle-range theories can best move the practice of nursing into the 21st century, because they are testable and intermediate in scope, adequate in empirical foundation, neither too broad nor too narrow, have a limited number of variables, and focus on a limited aspect of reality. Further, developing middle-range theories that are relevant to


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