Cellphones in the Classroom

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Cell Phones in Classrooms
Robert Morris University
Mrs. Ferda Omurtag
COSK 1221
March 22nd, 2012

Cell phones have advanced in technology tremendously over the years. There has also been some contradiction as whether or not cell phones should be banned in schools. Some people, such as the author(s) of “Schools Review Cell Phone Bans,” (2009) say that cell phones are a distraction to students while trying to learn; while other authors, such as the author of “Cell Phones in the Classroom,” (2010) Marie Bjerede, say that cell phones offer students the ability to branch out of text books and retrieve information from the internet right from a smartphone. When interviewed, Hunter Khaleghi, a student
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Cell phones are meant to be portable and convenient, which is exactly what makes them useful in times of emergencies. College students are commuting to classes, social events, meal, gyms, and other places that might not offer a public phone. something about how public phones cost too much! There is no telling when or where an emergency is going to happen. If something happens in the classroom, there may be a phone but everyone could be so wounded that they cannot make it across the room. If an emergency occurs to a student’s family member while that student is in class, by the time the student reaches his/her dorm it might be too late. Cell phones should be permitted in college classrooms because they offer a sense of security if an emergency occurs within the classroom, or if a student needs to be contacted.
An article titled “Cell Phones in the Classroom,” (2010) makes the point that since the terrorist attacks of September 11th, 2001, and other similar events, cell phones are a great convenience for emergencies. This is true especially for students, because they use cell phones to make and receive calls and texts, some of which can be emergencies. Emergencies are not planned around a student’s classes and other activities; they can happen at any time of the day.
At Robert Morris University all students are required to enter their cell phone numbers in an online database, RMU Alert, which alerts them if an emergency occurs on campus. The alert is sent to the


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