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July 28, 2012
English 0310
“What is Poverty?”
a. How would you define the author’s purpose? Besides paragraph 15, in what parts of the essay is that purpose most apparent?
I would define the author’s purpose is to express the life of a poor person and the views of others towards a poor individual. Besides paragraph 15, Parker’s purpose is most apparent in paragraph two and paragraph six.

b. Why does the speaker address her audience directly, especially in paragraphs 4 and 10? How would you describe that audience?

c. What is the speaker’s attitude toward her estranged husband? Do you find it curious? What does it tell you about her? What does it tell you about Parker’s purpose?

d. In paragraph 8, the
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In what ways are they different?

Wives from today and the wives from 1971 are similar because they are responsible for the children’s needs. They are different because todays’ wives do not have to take care of the home and husbands’ needs.

e. Might husbands also look for their mothers when they choose wives? What examples of motherly behavior do you find in this essay?

Yes husbands do look for their mothers when they choose wives. Some examples of motherly behavior in this essay are when Judy Brady states that she wants a wife who can take care of the children properly and a wife who can cook a good meal.

Strategy and Style

f. What technique(s) does Brady use to introduce her essay? Comment on their effectiveness.

g. How does Brady conclude? Is her conclusion log enough?

Brady concludes her essay by stating what will happen in the future if she had a wife. And her conclusion is long enough for her essay.

h. Ms. is a popular publication, in contrast to a scholarly journal. In light of this, describe Brady’s style and explain why she uses the level of vocabulary and sentence structure she does.

i. To what audience is Brady writing? How do you know?
Brady is writing to a male audience. Because she is explaining what husbands expect from their wives. j. Is the length of the essay appropriate? Should Brady have extended it? Why or why not?
Yes the length of Brady’s essay


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