Psychology for social care practice

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Psychology for Social Care Practice (DH3M34)

Assessment 2 Case Study (LO.2 and LO.3)

In this assessment I am going to be writing a case study on Rose. Rose is the youngest of five children, she has one sister and three brothers. Rose has been diagnosed with a rare chromosome deletion on her 22nd chromosome, it is called 22q13 deletion syndrome also known as Phelan Mcdermid syndrome after the doctors Katy Phelan and Heather Mcdermid who first discovered this syndrome whilst studying chromosome 22 and the effect that deletions and mutations has on individuals in the early 1990's the first person diagnosed was in 1996, currently there are only approximately one thousand people around the world diagnosed, and only one hundred
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Esteem needs are another of Maslow's hierarchy of needs, these mean that Rose needs to feel respected, she also needs to have self-respect and self-esteem, these are issues that are currently being dealt with at school following a meeting about how to help Rose integrate more with her peers, one of the ideas is that the other children are included with things that Rose likes to do, this will then not make Rose feel like she has to conform to the "rules" and "structures" being imposed by the other children but will help the other children integrate with Rose. Rose is having her cognitive needs being met by her having one to one support to help her with her learning by helping her to stay focused and to concentrate on tasks she is given in her class. I feel that Rose just touches into Aesthetic needs as she is autistic she likes to have order and symmetry, she likes to keep her room tidy and also likes to line things like her toy animals into lines.

Humanistic psychologist Carl Rogers is another theory which can be applied to Rose as he talks about the healthy person and the unhealthy person, I feel that for Rose to be able to be a healthy person


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