Case Study- Quit Smoking

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H (Pseudonym) is a 32 years old male nurse working on a children’s ward as a temporary bank nurse at the local hospital. He heard of me through a member of our local community whereupon he phoned me towards the end of April 2012, with a long history of smoking up to 40 cigarettes daily, wishing for help to Quit Smoking due to the total ban on Smoking introduced at the hospital and other issues relating to smoking. I could not offer him any help at the time but provided him with contact details of other therapists.


H phoned at the start of June 2012, requesting for help telling me that he did
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3) The situational triggers - the situations which remind the smoker to light up- like having a cigarette on waking up in the morning, after a meal, with a drink, during a break, to keep warm or before and after carrying out any tasks or activities.

SUMMARY OF I.C Using the Chrysalis 11 Steps needed to help Quit Smoking ( Appendix 6 ); I asked H numerous questions about his smoking habits, social life, parents, childhood, educational achievements, and uncover any hidden beliefs. Being the only child-the apple of the parents’ eyes, he was never discouraged from smoking as his parents have been smokers for years without any health issues.

He left high school with 4 G C S E’s never wanting to continue with further education. Instead he found himself a cashier’s job in a garden centre, changing jobs regularly until his resignation from his last one as a temporary bank nurse on the children’s ward locally.

H said, he started smoking the odd cigarettes when in his third year at his local


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