They Say: Ida B. Wells

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They Say 1) Lynching a) Nelson’s hanging: Husband stole cow, son killed & shot deputy. Woman and son hung from bridge (pg. 7) i) “She was very small of stature, very black, about thirty years old,” the newspapers reported, “and vicious”. ii) The boy: “fourteen and yellow and ignorant”, according to papers. b) ‘It is generally thought that the Negroes got what would have been due them under process of law. (page 8) c) “This may be “southern Brutality’ as far as the Boston Negro can see, but in polite circles, we call it Southern Chivalry”. ( page 9) d) Ku Klux Klan iii) Obj. is to suppress Negro, keep him, where he belongs, and make sure Democratic Party runs this country.” …show more content…

r) Whites used more spacious facilities, so did Mexican and Indian children. Pg 98 s) Preferred lighter skin over dark 5) Ida B. Wells t) Born towards the end of slavery (July 16,1862) xii) Holly Springs Miss. xiii) Parents died within 24 hrs. from each other from Yellow Fever ( pg. 46) xiv) Was expelled from school (1880-1881) (3) Ida did something to anger Hooper and when called out she didn’t apologize (pg50) u) A Memphis school teacher 1884(72) xv) The train incident(pg. 69,1883) (a) She attempted to give the man her ticket but he said he couldn’t take it where she was at (i) “If he doesn’t want it I won’t bother about it” pg. 69 (ii) If she behaved like a lady and just ignore him…70 (b) The conductor left and then came back immediately picking up her luggage and umbrella and headed for the smoke car 70 (iii) “I will treat you like a lady, but you will have to go to the other car.-man (iv) ; If you wish to treat me like a lady, you’ll leave me alone. The forward car is the smoker’s car this is the ladies car. 70 (c) The man then tried to pull Ida in which she bit his hand, his hand began to


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