Frank Addante Case

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1. Entrepreneurial Motivation

Frank Addante got his motivation to work from financing his college life in the first years. He worked on his own, sold and installed car alarms and automatic starters. From this time on he continued to earn money through ad-hoc jobs to make his way through college, but he was always conscious for good ideas, which he could transform into businesses. This chance was given when he installed some high-speed communication lines for an office where two mar-keting companies had their headquarters. When the owners of the two companies were argu-ing about any new ideas, they came up with a “search engine” for the internet. Addante was listening to them and came up with his own interpretation of the “search engine”.
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Frank Addante lost his motivation of combining superstars of the engineering business to a team and instead formed a “B-Team” of three engineers. On one side this motivation was caused by the experience that Addante made in his forth venture when he hired popular workers that could not work as a team. On the other side “Strong Mail” had not the liquidity to afford this kind of experienced workers.

This progress over the five ventures shows that Frank Addante’s motivations of founding companies changed a lot from his first venture to his fifth. He started his career with just wanting to create something new that people can use and that makes life easier for them. These thoughts got a little bit in the background at some stages of his career, but it had been the moving thing for Addante to get involved in founding ventures. Ignoring the fact that he had to finance his life and college he firstly was not interested in getting big remunerations and equity stakes. This motivation of earning money with his ventures just emerged when Addante abandoned his college studies and wanted to become a full time worker. The motiva-tion of receiving equity stakes and to enlarge them came a little bit later when Addante learned that the possession of equity is a big factor in running a venture. The next motivation for founding ventures was that the company should be able to grow fast and therefore Ad-dante needed