Lion King Paper FInal

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Nick Moyer
Music 324
November 16th, 2013 Lion King Musical Outline

What musical theatre does best is to be abstract, not literal reality. Julie Taymor director of The Lion King, did exactly this when she directed the musical The Lion King. The Lion King
Broadway show in 1997 won six Tony awards, eight Drama Desk awards and the Theatrical
World Award. Everything in this show including lighting, choreography, orchestration, scenery, costume design, and performance all came together to make an unforgettable masterpiece.
Director,choreographer, and designer Judith Taymor transformed the staged musical The Lion
King through ingenious puppet designs, inventive choreography, and the additional atmospheric
African American musical
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Michael Eisner asked Tim Rice who he would like to work with for Disney’s movie the Lion
King. Rice replied, “Elton John would be fantastic,” but they thought they had no chance in getting the musical genius Elton John to work with the lyrics.
( However, to their amazement the superstar would agree to work with Tim Rice on the lyrics. Elton John was born on March 25, 1947, in
Middlesex England. He is an award winning singer, songwriter and pianist. Elton John’s legacy is built with success including Grammy, Tony, Academy, and many more awards. The reasons for Elton John joining the disney team had to do with his relationship with Tim Rice and his connection to the story and plot. The two songwriters previously worked together on the 1982
Legal Boys Jump Up album. Elton jumped to the chance to write for the Lion King because he felt a connection to the storyline and the team. (
Although lyrics play a major role in the 1997 broadway play, Hans Zimmer also played an important role in the musical. He brought these songs to life with and African style that incorporated choral symphonies. The performers used raw emotion in the song to reflect the characters emotions. Music critic Deborah Wilker, wrote a review on The Lion King in 1995 claiming that
Elton John was sure to win an Oscar for The Lion King. However,


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